“Private O’Toole” from THE CD, BRAVE NEW WORLD

The reviews are in on “Private O’Toole,” the 1st track from#GIG‘s BRAVE NEW WORLD CD…WOW!

“Private O’Toole” kicks things off in fine fashion with Innis’ acoustic piano setting the scene around Gaitsch’s elegant acoustic guitars. Goodrum’s vocal delivery reminds me of Steve Miller’s, in that he has a boy-next-store delivery which immediately brings you into the story. Of course, the boy next door could never quite sing as well as Goodrum, or convey a story as well. The song is unmistakably crafty and well produced, tying touches of organ, Gaitsch’s soaring electric works and a tasty hook.


“Framed with harmonic vocals to die for, the song is about as subtle and sexy as a luscious lady’s long closely shaved legs with beautiful lines, tone and absolutely no edges.”


Video content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0nD3C9DkZE (single)