Q&A with Randy Goodrum

Ever wonder if iconic American songwriter Randy Goodrum has ‘magic moments’ while writing music and lyrics to hit song after hit song? The 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame nominee reflects upon a “special memory” in his songwriting career:

The 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame nominee whose songwriting crosses many genres – country, pop, jazz, rock, R&B and adult contemporary, has written #1 songs in each of the four decades since his first #1 hit, 1978’s “You Needed Me.”


 Musician/Songwriter Bill Burgess recently asked Randy to think about a “special memory” in his songwriting career:


Q: Do you have a special memory of a moment in songwriting where one musical or lyric phrase materialized and made the magic? I’m thinking of one of those for me … where that one new change and melody over it elevated it in my mind to maybe be better than average for me. Any of your songwriting moments come to mind?


The Songwriter on Songwriting: Randy Goodrum answers…

A: Great question, Sir. Here’s my take: “I think that songwriting isn’t so much a linear process as an exponential one. In other words, a word, phrase, lick, etc., can elevate and electrify a write of a song in a way that is completely unpredictable. I learned that from being a jazz player before becoming a songwriter. Sometimes stuff happens that causes other stuff to happen. I can’t name a particular instance for you because it’s be my modus operandi to start the process and see is lightening will strike. Yes, one can write a song, by the numbers, and make a well written, crafted piece but without that insane spark that, for the most, comes from nowhere, it just lies there and is, in the end, “OK”, but not great. Sometimes one just has to just keep on keeping on. Also, in the end. “A second opinion person” is good to have or find for a writer to make sure they don’t toss out a “masterpiece”…. Just sayin’….”