Sweden in February 2012

This picture is of Erik Bernholm, and Niclas Lundin.

I was fortunate to have a song in the Melodifestvalen song competition, which is a precursor to Euro Vision.
I co-wrote a song that was in the top 32 songs. The song, Aldrig, Aldrig, wasn’t the winner, but it hit the iTunes in the top ten right after the show.
That makes the 5th decade I’ve had new, original music hit the charts, and I’m not even old yet! Go figure.


Below is a picture of some colleagues I wrote with while I was there. I’ve gone to Stockholm and environs for several years, and I have been fortunate enough to write and produce with some talented writers.

The three on the couch are: Jacob Olofsson, me, and Niclas Lundin.


There are several more people I have co-written with, but I don’t have  pictures yet. More on that later. While in Sweden I also attended the Swedish Grammis (that’s how it’s spelled, really). I have enclosed a pic of the wonderful Opera House in Stockholm.